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We are excited to provide you with an updated look and functionality to our website. We hope that this site gives you a better insight into our 501(c)3 organization and provides you with all the pertinent information regarding the basketball season.

The Fellowship of Afro-American Men Youth basketball league offers competitive Basketball and Cheerleading programs to middle school boys and girls in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.


Men on a Mission: The FAAM Story

 In 1968, Evanston School District 65, due to financial constraints, cut back on school athletic programs. These program cuts put a void in athletic activities for Evanston’s 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

Realizing the impact of such cuts, a group of Afro-American men in Evanston sought to replace these activities by forming the Fellowship of Afro-American Men Youth Basketball League, better known as FAAM.


Girls Standings

2013-2014 Season
Wins Losses
Magic 12 1
Liberty 11 2
Rockets 5 8
Comets 4 9
Hawks 4 9
TWolves 3 10

Boys Standings

2013-2014 Season
Wins Losses
Sixers 11 2
Lakers 11 2
Spurs 10 3
Bucks 10 3
TBlazers 9 4
Heat 9 4
Bulls 7 6
Suns 7 6
Knicks 5 8
Hornets 4 9
Pistons 3 10
Sonics 3 10
Jazz 2 11
Celtics 0 13